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Located in southern Milwaukee County and affiliated with the Milwaukee Kickers Soccer Club, AC Toros attracts players from Milwaukee, Waukesha, Walworth, Racine and Kenosha counties. The club provides an elite training environment with a veteran coaching staff that specializes in growing and developing soccer talent. We offer a unique sporting and training environment for players of all levels.


The Athletic Club Toros name, colors and identity reflect the people, area that we live in, and those who came before us.


The circular club crest has been established to tell the story of this region and in its center a toro poised, ready for work, and full of energy. The bull represents the livestock heritage from southeastern Wisconsin and land that makes up much that surrounds us.


The red eyes of the Toro pays homage to the apple orchards that once dominated the area around Oak Creek, Wis.


The sea blue represents the water of Lake Michigan and charcoal grey is for the railroads and manufacturing industry.



The Athletic Club Toros Coaching Staff believes that every training session should resemble the actual game as much as possible.


All training sessions from U7/8 to U10 will be in a pool format with the age group lead coach(es) leading the session and all coaches assisting the session in particular areas.


Pool training allows all players in the age group to continually compete against each other and for the coaching staff to evaluate in a training by training, week by week and season by season environment. This will allow kids that may have been at the lower end of the pool chances to push up the ladder, while keeping those at the top end hungry to establish their position to challenges. At the younger ages, this will also allow training to continue if some players are absent for other activities. We will still provide a training session and environment that will be challenging for those who are there to get better!

In order to maintain continuity, all teams will have these similar traits. There is no demand on formation as each age group will have issues with strong players in different positions.

The characteristic of our Toros teams will be one of an attacking mentality and teamwork ethic within a group ideology. Our kids will be comfortable with the ball at their feet so that they can go at people 1 v 1 anywhere on the field. We will play to attack from every position.

Below U10, the rotation of the players in positions is key so that they are able to experience different aspects of the game at young ages.

As the players grow and develop, our demands will increase as they reach U11-U14 and then again will increase from U15 and above.


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