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Dates & Times 

(Next seasons U8-U10 players)
Monday, May 23rd from 5:30-6:45PM
Wednesday May 25th from 5:30-6:45PM 
INDOORS Wednesday, Bring "Flat" shoes, NO Turf

Milwaukee Sports Complex
6000 West Ryan Road

Franklin, Wisconsin

Katie O spring 21.JPG

Why AC-Toros Academy

If your child passionate about soccer and thrives in a competitive environment, the AC-Toros Academy program is  perfect for their development.

AC-Toros has assembled a strong group of male and female coaches that work with our Technical Director, David Nikolic, Head Woman's Coach of the UIC-Flames, to provide an environment that allows your player to maximize their abilities on the pitch! 


From the moment you commit to Athletic Club Toros, you are entering a community that is larger than yourself. One that cares for each other. One that demands every ounce of energy and commitment to improve yourself as a player and person. One that means that working hard is not an option but an 

expectation. That the words, love and fun, can and will be used to describe the emotions around all

that we do both on and off the field. One that celebrates success and harnesses failure with intent to correct. It is paramount that we hold each other to the standards set forth as we know that this is done for the players future development and best interests of all who are Toros! 

One that says once you pull on that shirt with the logo of Athletic Club Toros, chant the phrase “1-2-3… Toros!” in a huddle, you are always a Toro, even when your

time has gone and will give anything for one more moment of play.

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