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About AC-Toros

Our Club is about the people involved. Coaches, Team Managers, Volunteers, and our Membership. We strive to develop a program that all are proud of. Go Toros!

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Coach Buddy

  He is incredibly knowledgeable, personable, and experienced.  He is always willing to talk and is a fantastic communicator.  He ever seems to stop working.  He has been fabulous and is a huge reason why we are (and will continue to be) part of the Toros.  I hope he continues to be a leader and coach in the program.  It is an absolute joy to witness his passion for the game of soccer.

Thank you again for all you guys do.

Toros Parent


Coach Juan

Coach Juan has had a profound influence on my daughter and this team... I know what it is like to witness an improving team.  It is obvious that this group has improved tremendously.  And, they still have a lot of room to grow.  Coach Juan seems to have a great balance of showing that he cares deeply for these girls while being able to push them and toughen them. The Toros is very fortunate to have him as a coach.

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"My 6th grader attended for the second year.  She enjoyed the mix of activities, skills, games, and summer fun.  The camp was well organized and the staff were friendly. I give it an A+."

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